Category Manager Smart Devices

Position Description:
The Category Manager Smart Devices (CMSD) is responsible for the category’s contribution as a business unit to the overall profit and loss of the company. This extends from increasing the profitability of existing smart devices, to developing new products and services for the Doro Smart Devices portfolio.
As CMSD, you will drive the development of Doro Smart Devices category and animate the range with the assistance of the resources in the Category Management team and the Technical Project Teams, throughout all the steps of the product line life cycle.

The Doro Smart Devices branch is a quite young but well-established business within Doro, with the aim of being a strong contributor to the future revenue stream. The current products within the category are easy-to-use smart mobile phones, such as e.g. Doro Liberto 820, Doro Liberto 820 mini, Doro 825, Doro 8030, and services like My Doro Manager, Doro Connect & Care and Doro Keyboard.

Main assignments:
Category responsibility 
• Create and maintain an optimal product portfolio and roadmap, based on identified customer segments, market and channels’ needs, and in line with the overall strategy of the company.
• Manage the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical and operational activities
• Recommend and define new products and services to launch, and existing products and services to re-launch or prune
• Have broad knowledge and understanding of the market, both with regards to our customers – operators and retailers – and our competitors and partners, and the ability to monitor, analyse and present developments in the market
• Have good insights into the desires, challenges and pain-points of our end-users, i.e. the Seniors
• Be responsible for key milestones according to “Doro Way” (Doro’s product and project management implementation methodology) and work closely with the assigned technical project managers, purchasing manager, marketing, sales and other internal departments

Profit & Loss responsibility: 
• Ultimately be responsible for the P&L of the category
• Create, evaluate and recommend valid business cases for new products and services
• Appraise opportunities and business proposals from Sales as well as customers and external partners

Go-to-market and Launch Planning:
• Implement company-wide go-to-market and roll-out plans, working with concerned departments to successful launch the products and services
• Support Sales with sales material, presentations, technical and products & services breakdowns and explanations.

We are looking for someone who is genuinely interested in both the creative and technical process of developing products and services, and the commercial marketing of them; someone who loves to work in a technical environment combined with a strong marketing perspective, and who is eager to develop ideas and turn them into profit making products. In short, we are looking for a “visionary, entrepreneurial and experienced senior product developer and business manager”; Sound too much, or even crazy? What we are trying to say is that the ideal candidate is someone still hungry and young at heart enough to challenge the traditional and the conventional, both externally and internally, and someone who dares to question what Smart Devices have accomplished so far and with fresh eyes and full of ideas will lead the category in to the future. At the same time, we are looking for someone who is experienced enough to know that product development is not only about brainstorming and generating ideas, but understands how the business works and what it takes to convert visions in to products and services. Someone who is creative, yet sufficient structured and well-organized to work with project teams and other internal resources and to ensure that the ideas are taken from concept to launch. 

We want you to be full of visions and ideas, but also that you know how to concretise them and can show how both end-users, our customers and Doro will benefit from them. You must appreciate the combination of strategic and operative tasks and need to be willing to put in the hard and sometimes tedious work to make things happen, to convert ideas in to launched products and services; on time, within budget and above expectations. Since you will have P&L responsibility for your category, it is your challenge to, at all times take responsibility for the category and to design feasible products which fit the markets, generate the volumes and make the category profitable. This encompasses continuous monitoring of sales of launched products and the potentially creation of activities or changes to improve sales or reach targets. You will have many contact interfaces, both internally and externally, and it is as important to be able to sit with technical project managers, test leads and suppliers, as working with Designers and usability experts, and to be able to reason with and understand Regional Managers, Sales and customers’ needs, challenges and pain points.

In this role, it is important that you are energetic and self-motivated, but also that you are analytical and well-organized. You must be very good at pitching your ideas in a convincing way and we therefore see that you are a good communicator, verbally and in writing, and have strong presentation skills. We assume you are fully fluent and confident in (at least one Scandinavian language and) English, and additional languages are positive.

We think you have a technical creative background which enables you to understand the future of Smart Devices, IoT and telecoms. We see that the category is developing more and more towards software and services, so a good command of Android CTS, CCD, GMS is beneficial, but an understanding of hardware is not negative. If you have worked with or for mobile operators and have good insights into their needs and challenges, as well as an ability to negotiate with them, that is strong positive.

You should: 

• Have +10 years of experience in marketing and/or product management and/or project management with a very good knowledge of telecom, electronic or Internet industry. 
• be both product oriented - understand the product range, features and the technical perspective - as well as fully marketing oriented; i.e. understand how the market and sales work and what makes customers tick.
• A university degree within the area of marketing/business and/or engineering/technology is preferable; and ideally a combination thereof

The Category Manager Smart Devices will be based at Doro HQ in Lund, Sweden, reporting to Director for Category Management, within the Product Development department. She/he will travel regularly to visit Doro offices in Europe and twice per year to Doro Hong Kong office, as well as attend Doro internal and customer external meetings locally and abroad, mobile conferences, fairs and exhibitions.

Doro is non-bureaucratic, multicultural, medium size company with hardworking, passionate people sharing a strong team spirit. In general, there is a great sense of belonging and purpose that makes us feel proud to work here, and many employees have been with Doro for decades since they feel that their contributions are really appreciated. As an organization, we are open-minded and easily approachable and have a strong can-do attitude. We are not hesitant to “dig in” and deal with challenges hands-on, even though they might not necessarily form part of our daily job description. Thanks to this positive mind-set and the flat organisation, we react quickly and efficiently and are not afraid to make decisions. We embrace diversity, accept cultural differences, and treat each other with respect and all this contributes to creating a stimulating work environment.


You apply for the position by sending an email to Carl-Johan Petri <> and attaching your CV and Cover Letter in English. 
Questions regarding the position, can be directed to Jorgen Nilsson <>.